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  • Grace P
    Grace P.
    Real authentic Mediterranean restaurant. Great food, excellent service and real middle eastern vibe.
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  • Nathan V
    Nathan V.
    Great range of Mediterranean style foods, and they'll customize whatever you want from their food line.
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  • Lyca M
    Lyca M.
    I've been going to this place and recommending it to friends and family for years. Mozaic is a gem in downtown Santa Cruz!
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Only Fresh Ingredients

We invest in quality ingredients to ensure our customers get the great taste we’re famous for. Because we believe that you
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Made With Love
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Made With Love

Our secret ingredient is passion. Everyone on our team is passionate about making your time with us as great as it can be
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About Us

Mozaic Mediterranean Restaurant & Bar has been bringing authentic Middle Eastern fusion to the Santa Cruz community since 2015. Founded by long-time restaurant industry veteran Jay Dib, the menu is inspired by his childhood cooking with his mother in Lebanon.

Named for the artful “mosaic” of flavors on the menu, our Santa Cruz Mediterranean restaurant is a place where the whole neighborhood is welcome to have a delicious meal, enjoy a cocktail, and have a great time. Join us for live belly dancing every Friday night!

Our Food Philosophy

We wouldn’t be able to serve the best Mediterranean food in Santa Cruz if we didn’t take our menu and ingredients seriously. The dishes on our menu are created according to authentic, traditional recipes using ancient Middle Eastern techniques. 

We use only sustainable seafood on our menu, from octopus to salmon. We use local ingredients whenever possible, and we serve the highest-quality meats. Plus, our lavash comes from an authentic Persian bakery. 

You’ll be able to taste the difference at our Santa Cruz Mediterranean restaurant.

Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Cuisine

Mozaic brings the cuisine of Greece, Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Italy, Spain, & Sicily together using ancient techniques in a modern setting. Our menu is inspired by all of our favorite traditional dishes from this diverse region. 

From Greece, we have classics like spanakopita — layers of spinach and feta cheese baked in a flaky puff pastry. Plus Greek salads, moussaka, chicken souvlaki, and delicious, tender gyro meat. 

We have cioppino and paella from Spain and baba ghanoug from Lebanon. Arugula pesto and ravioli hail from Italy, and kebabs from Turkey. 

Plus, we have dishes that show off the fresh seafood that we’re able to get here in Santa Cruz, like slow cooked octopus and Monterey Bay calamari. 

Don’t miss our “Saganaki” — The Flaming Cheese! Feta cheese will be ignited tableside for a delicious and one-of-a-kind experience! 

Inventive and Classic Cocktails

We have a full bar here at Mozaic, with beer, wine, and cocktails. Our cocktail list includes classics like the Sazerac and Negroni, but we also like to present some unique options to delight our guests.

Try our Mozaic Fig Mule. Instead of a classic Moscow Mule with vodka and ginger beer, this version uses Figenza Mediterranean Fig Vodka for a slightly sweet take on this famous drink. And for our version on the simple gin and tonic, we’ve added a splash of St. Germain elderflower liqueur and a muddle cucumber to keep it fresh. 

Finish your meal with a Turkish Coffee Martini. Vanilla vodka, Kahlua, and Bailey’s Irish cream are shaken and served straight up with our Turkish coffee for a sweet dessert-style cocktail! 

Come Visit!

We invite you to share a meal of wonderful Mediterranean food in Santa Cruz. Feel free to make dinner reservation or just walk in. We’re also open for lunch, 7 days per week. 

If you can’t stay to dine with us, place an online order for takeout. All of our wonderful dishes are available to bring home, for a taste of the Mediterranean and Middle East right in your home.